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Spraybooths for Commercial Vehicles

  Spraybooths for Commercial Vehicles

Burntwood’s experience, coupled with our AutoCAD design capabilities, means we have the flexibility to offer you the best solution to meet your commercial vehicle finishing needs.

We offer a standard range of booths, all with full low bake capability and multi compartment design to give both flexible and economic operation.

Units can be oil or gas fired, with the plant being either floor or roof mounted to suit the prevailing site conditions.

Booth construction is of double skin insulated panels with a white polyester coated finish inside and out.

Spray Cycle

Fresh air is drawn from the atmosphere by our powerful electric intake fan and then passes through our highly efficient and economical air handling plant.

Clean, warm air is further clinically cleaned by synthetic resin bonded ceiling filters and introduced into our bright shadow-free working area with smooth, uniform velocity.


Stove Cycle

The temperature rise in stoving is very rapid and efficient, with burner management and switching for optimum economy.

We recirculate 90% of our clinically clean air which undergoes continuous filtration by both floor and ceiling filters. The remaining 10% is exhausted to the atmosphere for statutory solvent fume dilution with the balance being made up of fresh air drawn from the atmosphere.

Extraction Through Sides Spray Cycle   Extraction Through Sides Stove Cycle

Extraction Through Sides

Extraction Through Floor Spray Cycle   Extraction Through Floor Stove Cycle

Extraction Through Floor

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